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Get To Know Me A Little

Grew up in Old Town, Maine, I had a good upbringing, if you ask my family, they'd probably say I was a good kid. I know better on the other hand, I was probably considered the black sheep of the family, but was also a go-getter. I worked in commercial construction and was a weekend radio DJ starting out. Later on I learned the sales trade selling healthy home products, and excelled into general management for a few years. Then I took an interest in the financial and online markets selling merchant accounts as well as building websites for local businesses, eventually doing business nationwide. As a hobby in 2000 and on I played around in the domain name business and managed to do alright and finally figured out how to grow my portfolio with decent domain assets. I started to get serious about domain names in 2010, I've since made good connections and clients worldwide.

I'm so glad I got a chance to share a little bit of my history with you. Now, I'd like to talk about what I do today and how it will be beneficial to you.

When you build a home or a business location, listening to the people that have experience is a wise decision as it can save you from headaches later on. The domain business is no different, people will hire me to find them high quality as well as premium domain names. By providing domain suggestion services I'm able to save clients time and money, but also giving them hope there are good alternative domains available or for sale within their budget. I have almost 21 years of experience in the domain business and own a decent portfolio of domain assets to back up my claims.

Website design is all over the place, you can find web designers and developers in almost any city or town you live in. The competition is fierce. Why do I even bother?! Well, I do like designing websites and will help clients find the best options for their needs, in other words I'll consult which means I will work with web designers and developers to meet or exceed client expectations. If you aren't careful web designers and developers can take advantage of you and milk jobs which can go well beyond the estimated costs and this is a big reason why people hire me.

I am idea minded and full of good information that goes well beyond what I offer here. Bottom-line, I want all my clients to succeed and will work really hard helping them reach goals and fulfill dreams.



It's important to recognize good things about the people in your company. Taking a hard line stance on rules right from beginning is vital to how employees will represent your business. Offering employees reasons to excel is crucial to succeed.


Without customers companies do not exist, whether you have ten or ten million customers this should be a concern. Good or bad days always maintain professionalism or don't come to work, employees with bad attitudes can hurt business. Great customer service skills will bring great results.


Though it is important to answer support calls, it's more important to make sure each customer understands what was resolved and notated on their account. Not every company will go this far, but follow-up calls are a good way keep strong rapports with customers.